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  1. OllyDbg Tutorial: Updating Addresses
  2. Xor Key (How to get : Addresses,Result) by Wesker
  3. Programs that you will need before you get started
  4. Random Functions (Tested)
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  6. New mc Method.
  7. CheatEngine address finding
  8. Video Tutorial Archive
  9. Reading memory in C++
  10. My DerbyCon Talk - "Ownage From Userland: Process Puppeteering"
  11. Finding Map Pointer
  12. Modify a Tibia Client.
  13. How to update a bot
  14. Course C #
  15. Changing Classname of Tibia.exe
  16. [Tibianic] Finding Addresses
  17. Working with many tibia's
  18. Anti-Hack Launcher
  19. [Request] Find BattleList Start Address
  20. [Request] Get Map Pointer
  21. Creating your Lua interpreter
  22. Help me with Add a Custom Client in Z Blackd Mage BOT
  23. Help finding list of creatures in Zezenia
  24. [OTClient] How to build a Full Light Hack
  25. [OTClient] Battle List Tutorial
  26. [C#] Cavebot, what I need to know to build one?