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Thread: [8XX-1XXX] [SRC] ConfigLoader

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    [8XX] [SRC] ConfigLoader

    It uses the systems predefined path to application data, almost the same way that tibia does. So it should work on other systems than windows xp.

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    [8XX] [SRC] ConfigLoader

    Thanks for this great program, but since I use a MC by LordOfWar, will it still work? The mc is named mc21.exe

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    [8XX] [SRC] ConfigLoader

    This program won't work with LordOfWar's runtime mc, but you can just patch the client with permanent mc. Or you can rebuild this program and make so it also get a runtime mc.

    Just add "Win32.WriteProcessMemory(pi.hProcess, 0x00502B74, BitConverter.GetBytes(0xEB), 1, IntPtr.Zero);" line into the source code, it should be placed above the "Win32.ResumeThread(pi.hThread);".

    Then recompile and you got yourself a runtime mc also.

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    [8XX] [SRC] ConfigLoader

    shouldn't it still work even after changing these lines?
    private string dir = "C:\\Jogos\\Tibia821";
    Win32.CreateProcess("C:\\Jogos\\Tibia821\\Tibia.ex e", null, IntPtr.Zero, IntPtr.Zero, false,Win32.CREATE_SUSPENDED, IntPtr.Zero, null, ref si, out pi);[CODE]
    it stills starts tibia, just doesn't load the configs

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    [8XX] [SRC] ConfigLoader

    Updated ConfigLoader to work with all Tibia 8.XX and added a runtime MC to it, so you won't need any MC patches anymore.

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    [8XX] [SRC] ConfigLoader

    If I try to open the TibiaBot NG on a different config than the Tibia.cfg the NG says, "Please run Tibia first". I've been using BlackD MC

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    [8XX] [SRC] ConfigLoader

    I just tested this tool with a clean Tibia.exe and the latest TibiaBot NG. And it worked perfect even when I used different config files, also if you use this program you won't need anything else that allows MC.

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    [8XX] [SRC] ConfigLoader

    When I use it on a clean Tibia it works but not with the Config Loader, btw I am on Vista, and since I run Blackdproxy + TibiaBot NG can't run anything on admin or the Blackd won't work

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    [8XX] [SRC] ConfigLoader

    Well, well, I have published the code of the new multiclient system that I just released.

    It doesn't have to modify any file at all, so cipsoft won't be able to claim that you modified their client. They will have to invent some other reason for the next random bans.

    This is open source. You can check the code so you can see with your own eyes that it doesn't have any virus or troyan. Feel free to improve the code if you feel you can improve it. I want this code maintained by the whole community of programmers so we make a real unbeatable master piece here. Please notify me the code improvements to my email:

    And of course, this new multiclient will be free to download by everybody.

    Test it now:

    download it, and save it in your tibia 8.22 folder.
    make a link for it in your desktop, for faster access, and name that link for example "Tibia Multiclient"
    Now just use your desktop link and you will be opening tibia in multiclient mode.

    Could you add this MC to your ConfigLoader?

    If I am not allowed to post links, just delete it ^^

    Gaudi Gabriev

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    [8XX] [SRC] ConfigLoader

    Stiju stated a few posts ago that he added a runtime MC patcher to the loader which would be working just like Blackd's, perhaps altering a slightly different opcode but in the end achieving the same thing. It should be just as safe/unsafe as both Blackd's and NG's MC loaders.

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