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Thread: XenoMC

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    RE: XenoMC

    Quote Originally Posted by pater
    Quote Originally Posted by Tabgyn
    The program crashes 10 seconds after opening the Tibia client.
    No error is reported on screen.

    Using windows 7 64 bit, 2.66Ghz, 4GB Ram
    When trying to use Visual Studio to debug the following error appeared:

    "Unhandled exception at 0x01361117 in XenoMC.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000."
    i assume that you should run this program with administrator privileges
    I'll look into this, thanks

    The list thing is exactly what I planned to do :P
    And AFAIK, you cannot rename a mutex.

    MC updated.
    Fixed a few small things, cleaned up code a tiny bit, and highly optimized the program

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    RE: XenoMC

    After update, tested and working.

    Tested with 10 simultaneous clients.
    Great job!

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    RE: XenoMC

    You could use window properties (SetProp & GetProp) to keep track of the clients you have removed the mutex from.

    Anyway nice work Dark.

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    RE: XenoMC

    Wow, never knew those functions existed o.o
    I think the current way is fine now. However, I think I have another issue those two functions can help with in XenoBot. thanks

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    RE: XenoMC

    Sounds like NeoMC to me.

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    RE: XenoMC

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkstaR
    XenoMC is a brand new MC program which works in the same way as NeoMC, but it is open source.

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    RE: XenoMC

    Quote Originally Posted by Pro-grammer
    Sounds like NeoMC to me.
    Sounds like LearnTORead to me.

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    @DarkstaR Friend tell me how to apply this code to a button?
    thank you

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