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Thread: Tibia Time Machine

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    Tibia Time Machine 5.8

    Tibia Time Machine is your new way to record and play Tibia videos!
    I made it to be very simple, easy to use and update-proof. It's intended to be a replacement to the now discontinued TibiCAM, addressing its flaws and missing features.
    Now with CAM Support!

    IP Changer for 10.50, 10.51, 10.52, 10.53, 10.54, 10.55 and 10.56!
    To use on OpenTibia servers, just right click on "Start": (alternate: Shift + Click)

    Running on MAC OS X via (

    Playing two videos of the same event simultaneously:

    Here is a copy of the manual: (included in the zip)
    Tibia Time Machine 5.8
    by tulio150 -
    Tibia Time Machine is a program for recording and watching Tibia videos.
    Tibia versions supported:
    from 7.0 up to 10.56
    future versions may also work
    versions older than 7.3 need a resource patch
    Key features:
    -Keeps separated configuration files for each Tibia version (You don't lose your hotkeys)
    -Saves Tibia version and OpenTibia server information within videos
    -Can start recording anytime
    -Converts old TibiCAM and TibiaCam TV recordings
    -Compatible with OpenTibia servers (opens otserv:// links)
    -Can be used with another proxy (TibiaCast)
    -Playing features:
        -Speed control (pause + slow motion 8x + fast forward 512x + packet-by-packet)
        -Skipping backwards, forwards and to game sessions
        -Video editor (only cutting parts)
        -Control video with the arrow keys from Tibia
        -Commands on Tibia console for fullscreen playing
        -Set video light for old Tibia versions
    How to record a video:
    -Open Tibia Time Machine
    -Click on "Start" (right click or hold Shift for OpenTibia server)
    -Login with your account name and password
    How to play a video:
    -Double-click on the video (see below)
    -Drop a video file on Tibia Time Machine
    -Open Tibia Time Macine, then click on "Open"
    -Click on "Start"
    -Login with empty Password
    How to enable double-clicking on a video and otserv links:
    -Open Tibia Time Machine
    -Click on "Options", then click on "Register video files (.ttm)"
    How to connect to another local proxy:
    -Open Tibia Time Machine
    -Click on "Options", then check "Use local proxy"
    -Click on "Start"
    -Wait for a message
    -Activate your proxy (don't use auto-activate)
    -Click on "OK"
    -The list box show the recorded game sessions, in the format: "Number +Duration =End"
    -"Delete" menu: delete the selected session or all the sessions, so you can start recording again (except when recording)
    -"Delete" key: delete the selected session
    -Shift + "Delete" key: delete all the sessions
    -"Esc" have the same effect as the left button
    -"Enter" have the same effect as the right button
    -While idle:
    Button "Open": open a video
    Button "Save": save the video
    Button "Start": start Tibia
    Right click on "Start": start OpenTibia
    Shift + "Start": start OpenTibia
    Button "Start" when Tibia already opened: start waiting for a login, so you can record or play a video
    Double-click on the list: same effect as "Start"
    -While waiting:
    Button "Cancel": return to the idle state, so you can play the game without recording
    Button "Stop": same effect as "Cancel"
    -While recording:
    Button "Cancel": cancel the recording and don't save it
    Button "Stop": stop recording and save what you recorded
    Logout: same effect as "Stop"
    -While playing:
    Button "Stop": stop playing the video
    Button "Pause": pause the video
    Button "Play": continue playing the video
    Click on the list: skip right to the start of a session
    Double-click on the list: skip to a session and continue playing at normal speed
    Scroll bar: lets you skip back and forth on the video
    Button "-": decrease playing speed (play a single packet when paused)
    Button "+": increase playing speed
    Mouse wheel: increase or decrease playing speed
    -Commands from Tibia:
    Ctrl + Arrows Up/Down: change playing speed
    Ctrl + Arrows Left/Right: skip 15 seconds
    -Console commands: (type them on the channels: "Default", "Local chat" or "Server Log")
    play: set the speed to Playing
    pause: pause the video
    stop: stop playing the video
    fast: increase playing speed
    slow: decrease playing speed
    fast [x]: set the speed to Fast x times (1 = x2, 9 = x512)
    slow [x]: set the speed to Slow x times (1 = x2, 3 = x8)
    start: skip to the start of the video
    end: skip to the end of the video
    skip: skip 1 minute
    back: skip 1 minute back
    skip [time]: skip the specified time (in seconds, minutes:seconds or hours:minutes:seconds)
    back [time]: skip the specified time back
    goto [time]: skip to the specified time mark
    session: skip to the start of the current game session
    session [x]: skip to the session number x (first is 0)
    prev: skip to the previous game session
    next: skip to the next game session
    first: play the first packet of the session
    last: play the last packet of the session
    light: set full light in the client
    light [x]: set light level x in the client
    delete: delete the current game session from the video
    cut-start: cut all video before the current time from the game session
    cut-end: cut all remaining video from the game session
    cut-time [time]: cut the specified amount of time from the video
    add-delay [miliseconds]: insert a delay in the current video position
    NOTE: In order to properly use the commands on Tibia 7.7 to 8.22 without getting "Account Data Warning" pop-ups, you can login with a random account number (ex: 123456) and an empty password to watch videos.
    -TibiCAM converter mode:
    Button "Cancel": exit converter
    Button "Stop": save the partial video
    Also: TibiCAM Converter capable of converting a whole folder at once (version 1.3 fixed common crash)

    Download at OTLand:
    Download at TibiaKing:

    Download not hosted on TPForums because attachments here are limited to 97.7KB
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    Updated to version 3.7

    This is a small update, some minor things I forgot in the last one

    -You can use the "Speed -" button to play a singe packet when paused (mouse wheel down will do it too)
    -Double clicking on the sessions list while playing will take you to the end of the session
    -Better closing of dialog boxes when skipping, using idle time
    -Fixed some bugs with the listbox

    -Added Tibia 9.54, 9.60, 9.61 and 9.63 to the 4shared folder

    Features added to previous versions:
    Version 3.6:
    -OTServer history: it records the last 20 used otservers in a drop-down list, so you can quickly select one
    -Override video version/host: Use shift in the "Open video" dialog to open any video file with any Tibia version open

    Version 3.5:
    Connection hold:
    -When playing, click on the "Disconnect" button, the connection will be held so you can login again to start recording, even with a logout block or login queue
    -The character name of the held connection will be shown in Tibia Time Machine
    -The official servers will disconnect the held connection after a timeout (about 20 seconds)
    -If you need to disconnect from the game server, you can click the "Disconnect" button again, but is preferable to do a regular logout
    -It won't work on accountless otservers, you'll get a new character (pvp-enforced, fun war, login with 1/1, etc...)

    Version 3.4:
    -Reconnection (later removed due to banning)
    -Better port selection for the internal sockets
    -"Use local proxy" was failing on pre-7.7 clients

    Version 3.3:
    -Options menu
    -"Use local proxy" moved to the options menu
    -Gamemaster mode for otserver owners
    -"Disconnect" button to start recording with a logout block
    -Fixed lots of crashes

    Version 3.2:
    -Performance improvments
    -Fail-safe mode

    Version 3.1:
    -Auto-detect local proxy needed RSA key
    -"TTM Recovery" file on the desktop if computer is shut down while recording
    -Better video editing
    -Faster, fixed a memory leak and a crash

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    RE: Tibia Time Machine 3.7 [7.0 - 9.63]

    seems to be a nice program

    it works fine for me with recording and watching on tibia 8.60

    i'll keep testing and post a feedback

    thanks and nice job
    will you update to 9.70?

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    RE: Tibia Time Machine 3.7 [7.0 - 9.63]

    It's working on 9.70, no need to update

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    RE: Tibia Time Machine 3.7 [7.0 - 9.63]


    Man, from now on i will divulgue TTM. You are doing an AMAZING job. I was searching on the web for a long time for an alternative to tibia cam tv pro, Byna Cam appeared but it has a lots of bugs, now i think i found.

    The "light" function is extremely usefull and i think it could be even better if come along with a level spy function, when some part of the screen is under other objects (like big walls).

    Congratulations and keep updating because your software is very good.

    And i will wait for the conversor of .cam

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    Updated to version 3.8

    Yet another small update, improved the GUI and some commands

    -Better closing of the dialogs when using the scroll bar (again, new rate = 100 / second), along with better responsiveness
    -The speed buttons got merged with the scroll bar, the up and down arrow keys will change the speed now
    -The "Disconnect" button now changes its name depending on the connection hold state ("Disconnect" when connected, "Change" when a connection is held and "Enter" when disconnected)
    -Starting or disconnecting will bring Tibia to the front to speed up the start of the recording process
    -TTM is now high-DPI aware, so you can use it with the high-DPI (large fonts) setting enabled
    -Menu and dialog accelerators

    -Faster skipping using the console commands, but it won't close the dialogs (just hold esc after skipping for that)
    -Commands that get time as a parameter now accepts miliseconds on the input (like 3:53,250 - always use 3 digits)
    -Set-start, set-end and set-skip got changed to cut-start, cut-end and cut-time, and code was revised

    @bonlius Thank you for the feedback, I've been postponing the converter.. But I'll try to do it this weekend
    The level spy is more complex since it can't be done with packets.. So you may want to use an existing cheat for that

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    RE: Tibia Time Machine 3.8 [7.0 - 9.70]

    Great update. Mainly the arrow Keys to change speed.

    I got some errors/crashes when recording, i have the video saved untill the crash. Do you want me to send the video? Is there a way to get some error log and send it to you?

    obs.: you writed "updated to version 2.8" i believe is 3.8. Right?

    obs2.: would be usefull to have an option to inject/connect to the client, if possible of course. This will help people that use certain bots (like magebot) or other tools that arent stable if opened after other tools.

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    RE: Tibia Time Machine 3.8 [7.0 - 9.70]

    I'd like to see this get stable and dependable. I need a good cam program for recording my pvp adventures and it would be great to try this one out!

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    RE: Tibia Time Machine 3.8 [7.0 - 9.70]

    I always record when I play, even when I don't want to keep the video, and never experienced any crashes or such a thing. Can you reproduce the crash? If yes, please tell me how and I'll fix it. If the video crashes when played, its probably not my fault, but you can send me the video so I can find the problem.
    Thank you, you're right, it's 3.8.
    Injection is not on the plans for this app, because it's incompatible with the forward compatibility feature. I believe maozao is developing a recorder based on HookProxy for my format.

    As I said to bonlius, Im always recording just to find bugs, so I believe it's stable now.

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    RE: Tibia Time Machine 3.8 [7.0 - 9.70]

    Yeah, I figured. I just can't be too sure, especially when some people say it is crashing. I pvp a lot with my 260 MS and I'll often be in wars with 50+ level 250-500's fighting, cant risk crashes.

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