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Thread: Bot Dice Gambling Game

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    suppose the following situation:

    you are betting in low for 5 rounds and losing in all them, so you think : "I'll switch to high, hopefully I'll win smth".

    Then you change for high in the following 3 rounds, then exactly when you changed... dice results is low for these 3 rounds

    The chance is + - the same if you didn't change your bets, otherwise "very often" you'll lose money.

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    Well the game is high/low which, assuming the randomness is fair (ie: each outcome has same chance of occurring), would give 50/50 chance of win or lose so over time his win-rate should average out to around 50%. This leads to the important part, the payout rate for customer wins which is typically around 180% of the bet amount which means they get their money back plus another 70-80%. Whether any money is made though depends upon the distribution of all money bet between the wins and losses with an equal distribution giving 10% profit at a 180% payout rate, having a maximum bet limit helps even out this distribution and players would typically lean towards making the same-sized bets all the time which will favour the dicer more.

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    the odds are lower for each player

    low-high games rate :

    winning a game 16% of the odds
    lossing a game 84% of the odds

    first suffle you gotta guess what number is going to drop where you got a 16% chance to be right between 1,2,3,4,5,6

    the second suffle is what it makes it tricky been that 16% what decides what number may come up, you have to split that 16% in half to hit a low or high number

    lets assume your going to pick the number 3, well that number is low, the changes are that you might not get a 3, it will probably fall between 4-6 or 1-2 now you have to decide, where you want to go, high or low, the odds of been right are just 16% so if your going to say high, you might as well change your bet to low.

    1 low - 5 high
    2 low - 4 high
    3 low - 6 high

    remember that the rate is always based between the options, thats the trick of it, your thinking a well easy i got a 50-50, no you dont have a 50-50 there are 6 numbers, which you have to pick 1, and once you picked that number you have to decide if your pick is low or high, the odds of the game will always be 1/6 of you winning

    the house never losses

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    think i found his blog..

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    /\ decompiled it, its hack don't download

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    Quote Originally Posted by dezx View Post
    think i found his blog..
    Of course! Makes perfect sense. If you're gonna make some software which demonstrates epic programming ability, you'll then go on to create a shitty blog on blogspot to publish it. Nice.

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    No it's not hard to create. You can make it in almost any bot nowadays and it's really easy. It will probably take you few days because you need to add balance saver for each player and more games such as 3X3 or 6X6 or even black jack, but overall it shouldn't be too hard.

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