Hello, I'm doing some tests with an OCR dll provided by Asprise, but since it's like a trial version when I call the dll method .Recognize() it ramdomly shows me a MessageBox asking if I want to visit their website, then I need to press "No" to keep the code running.

So, I'm trying to edit it using Olly to remove that Messagebox, you can see it here: http://s22.postimg.org/4pllqsx2p/before.png

I tried to fill that part with NOP and it kinda worked, the messagebox doesn't appear, but I get an AccessViolationException if the dll is edited.

Can someone try help me with that?

The DLL files and the sample project I'm running is in this link from the official website: http://asprise.com/ocr/docs/html/asp...component.html

You will see the Messagebox im saying after press in the "OCR" button sometimes.