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Thread: Any tutorial to hwo make a proxy like wtfast or tibiatunnel for own use?

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    Question Any tutorial to hwo make a proxy like wtfast or tibiatunnel for own use?

    hello to comunity
    i wanna know if is easy make own proxy server like wtfast or tibia tunnel
    but no so extense like for all games i mean make a just simply one
    to connect to an espefic or concret server of tibia like just aldora or just like
    amera things like that...
    any tutorial?
    thanks in advance

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    I have the feeling that you don't know how a proxy server works, so it might be a good idea to look that up first.
    Now once you've done that you probally realized you will need a server(where you're proxy will be on) that is located as close as possible to the tibia server you are going to play on. Since Tibia either hosts their servers in USA or in the UK you will need a proxy server that is located in the USA or UK depending on the world you are playing on. You can check their website which game-server is USA and which is UK hosted.

    When you figured out where you're gameworld is hosted you can start looking for a server which you can rent and install a proxy on it. Probally an easier and cheaper way is to find a proxy service which is hosted in the same country as the Tibia server you are playing on.

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    My guess is:

    Make all data from port 7171 be sent directly to your proxy server, that you get those messages and redirect them to the tibia server, and the data from the tibia server you send back to your port 7171

    Probably a few iptable rules should do the work in your server, and the proxifier configuration should do the work in your machine (redirecting the data).

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    search in google about ubuntu ip forwad with iptables

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