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Thread: [ 7.72 / Thronia ] Crystal Bot

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    [ 7.72 / Thronia ] Crystal Bot

    Crystal bot works on : Thronia OT, Eloth OT and on 7.x , if you know a otserver with anti-bot system and you would like to see Crystal Bot on that ot then, please, contact me and i will start working on it =]


    Crystal Bot is a Closed Beta Project, the objective of crystal bot is to be a bot that works on ot servers with anti-bot systems, a.k.a , OT servers where is not possible to use traditional or existing bots.

    In order to participate on Closed Beta with full acess you have to first learn how to use the basic functions of the bot on Free Trial mode and then when you feel confident about buying a full license you can contact me through e-mail or Whatsapp asking to buy a license. Or simply follow the instructions on Bot about how to buy a full license, clicking on "Buy" button at bot's toolbar

    On Free trial you can test bot with some limitations, such as a limited number of lines per script and limited time to use cavebot, with a cooldown of x seconds before each usage.

    The price of a full acess license on Crystal Bot's Closed Beta is $6 per moth. Paypal and Bitcoin Are accepted.
    ( You can pay 5,5€ instead of 6$ )

    Download Link 1.4.6: Download:

    To use Free Trial license just type "FreeTrial" on the first textbox and press "Activate", and then you press Next Button after selecting the version of the bot you want to open.

    Crystal Bot haves support to these OT's and more: ( Select 7.72 version ) ( Select Thronia version ) ( Select Eloth version )

    Whatsapp: +55 61 9866-5197


    I will update this topic with more information later. If you want more information now you can enter the oficial topic on Tibia King and use google translator to translate from Portuguese to English.
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    Source would be awesome!

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    You've used open source bot, updated addresses and want to charge 6$ a month? lol

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    Helo, i'm willing to buy the license and try it for bugs, plus pay ofcourse if you can make the bot for Medivia. Thanks much

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