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Thread: [C#] Cavebot, what I need to know to build one?

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    [C#] Cavebot, what I need to know to build one?

    Hey, hello guys...

    I want to build my own cavebot, but I want to know how to begin?

    What i need to know to get X, Y, Z coordinates...
    Get the monsters into the Battle list and atack only the specific?
    Don't attack players?

    Can someone give me a north?

    All I'll done, i''ll share with everybody on GitHub...


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    you need to know

    • A* pathfinder (it is not related to Tibia)
    • creature list for targeting
    • container list for looting
    • map information (tiles around your character and .map file format) for looting, walking and pathfinding
    • item properties (.dat file format) for looting, walking and pathfinding
    • perhaps a multi threading scheme for targeting, looting and walking integration

    It is not an exaustive list, but I think these are the foundations you need to master if you plan a decent cavebot.

    In my point of view, each item in the list requires a lot of knowledge to master. The average beginner would need 6 months + to master them all.

    Also, keep in mind that a new client is coming soon and things will change completely, so most of your work gonna be lost if you begin now.

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    Need search in the forum about memory reading/write for find you position X,Y,Z and how to send clicks in tibia for walk
    For Battle, You need know about the battlelist structure, gui pointer and battle on gui..
    but the new client is coming. change all structures and address.

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