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Thread: TibiaME Bot written in C# - (Anyone can help?)

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    TibiaME Bot written in C# - (Anyone can help?)

    Hello everyone, it's long, long time ago when I visted this forum the last time.
    Played Tibia for like 12 years, now I'm 27 and was by side of my work and family searching for a game to bot again, like in old times when cipsoft didnd't had any ban waves.
    So after a long time of searching I just found back on a game I never played but already heard of a lot of times, but ages ago.... and this was - TibiaME!
    I switched searching a bot for TibiaME and on YouTube I found a lot. There are bots like - TibiaME Bot - Auto Yami - UnityBot & AutoBot.
    The problem is that most of the devs made this bots years ago and arn't really active anymore. Another thing is, that UnityBot & AutoBot are based on TibiaME Bots old soure, which is still working but the using left and right skill doesn't work anymore after a update of TibiaME. AutoBot is open source, but the dev isn't active and didn't fixed the skills yet. The UnityBot has the skills fixed, I'm using it atm, but it has other problems which the the source it based on doesn't have.... and the dev isn't active.
    I was already thinking about making a picutre based bot for TibiaME, but getting the wpt cords is the harder part for me. If I would make him walk picture based then I could use Uopilot, but that would need a lot of time to make waypoints with at huntplaces.

    So now my question is if it wouldn't be possible to "light" edit the source of TibiaME Bot or AutoBot, which is already done and still working with TibiaME.
    My problem is that I'm not skilled in C#, but still tryed to open up any of the projects...... but couldn't get it up, it turns out errors.

    If someone think he might could help me in getting the source up and running in Visual Studio, I would be so thankful!!
    And maybe it's also possible for this person to fix the "use skill" problem, which wasn't working anymore after an update of the client. (But UnityBot & TibiaME Bot newest version, both has this problem fixed.)

    Thanks for any help!

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    Could you point me to the source code? When I get some free time, I’ll give it a look.

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    Ofc... I think the source of AutoBOT is cleaned a lot, while it based on TibiaME Bot by Mindee. The Auto Yami source seems to be useless, since it's C# code and the real Auto Yami is written in VB.NET, that is what the creator of Auto Yami told me.

    I'll send you a PM with the download link of all the bot sources. You can choose if they can be uploaded here, or if they are useless.

    Thanks so much!

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