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Thread: unblock move to creature (8.50)

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    Lightbulb unblock move to creature (8.50)

    Hello, is it possible to unblock entry other characters/monster in standing tile (eg.8.53+) the rl client? (blocks the client side and the server does not receive action)

    Client: 8.50

    I can't find a function in the client that checks if the character / monster is standing tile.

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    You probably cannot do such a thing. All of the important data are checked by server side before any interaction occurs. For example, if you look at the definition of the Creature class in the Open Tibia Client, you will see the following private member: m_passable. This variable controls whether a creature is likely to be crossed or not. This is used in depot, when players can pass each other without conflict. If you change this variable on the client, nothing will change at the game's interactions. I myself have already changed this variable from an NPC in an attempt to make it a creature that can be crossed, but it didn't work, once again it is server side checked. I am preaty sure that cipsoft's client work the same.

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