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    Tibia bot

    Hello friends.

    I would like to know if this bot also works in Tibia

    This is the tibia page
    and it's in Spanish I think:

    I play Tibia and I'm looking for a bot, will this work for me?

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    Here, 1 thread is going on Tibia bot related queries, you should look for your answer there.

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    Bot is another word for 'macro', an automated program which, in Tibia's case, controls your character. In other words, it's an unofficial software to play.
    Bots may seem to give you an advantage in the game, however using any kind of bot is a severe rule violation (3b), and may lead to a 30-day banishment or to account deletion. On top of that, there's a good chance you'll get hacked by such programs.

    List of Bots
    Cavebot (automatically hunts with the use of waypoints.)
    Runemaker (bot that, with premium and a house does runes and get soulpoints automatically.)
    Aimbot (2 or more bots used together to make several bot-enabled players use to Combo down a player.)
    Auto-Healer (automatically heals a player when their hitpoints get low.)
    Auto-Fishing (bot that could hunt for worms, but often just fishes to gain skill.)
    Anti-Paralyze (heals or cast a specific spell the very second the character gets paralyzed.)
    Auto-Looter (Automatically loots specific products and items from bodies that is registered to you.(often comes hand to hand with cavebot))
    Mana-Trainer (A bot that casts spells automatically to advance in Magic-Level.)
    PvP-Bot (A bot that with a friends and enemy list can determine when to Heal Friend and when to attack.)
    Auto-Targeting (A bot that is used frequently with both cavebots and PvP-Bots to target the creature or player with least hitpoints.)
    Level Spy(Allowed players with a bot to look up and down floors)
    Forced Logout (Say a GM pops up it will force log the player out causing him to escape the GM)
    I found someone using bots, what should I do?
    You have 4 options so far:

    Do nothing. CipSoft's Automatic Detection Tool (anti-cheating system) automatically detects and deletes botters' accounts in a massban (occurs once a month). All you have to do is to wait patiently for the system to collect enough evidence, which can take up to 12 months. (Newer bots often use keyboard simulations to simulate keypressing, and cannot be recognised by CipSoft's automatic detection tool, leading many to conclude that this is a bad option.)
    Report it using the report feature. Right click on his character, select the option "Report Bot/Macro" and fill your report.
    If the player admits botting in one public or private channel, report it using the report feature. Right click on his sentence, select the option "Report Statement" and fill your report.
    Your final choice would be to either block the botter using boxes and crates and then push the botter to the nearest monster that would be able to kill the character. This greatly reduces the amount of time the botter stays away from his computer botting. With most bot software, blocking with crates or boxes is ineffective as they will either walk over them or crush them with a melee weapon. Even covering the obstacles is ineffective as some bot software will move any trash around them to prevent you blocking them in this way. Listed below you will find various vulnerabilities in bot software that you may exploit in order to kill or stop the botting character.
    I see a botter, why isn't he banned by the system?
    The anti-cheating system does not ban botters instantly. First it collects evidences and in the beginning of every month, the system deletes around 2,000 botters in a mass ban.

    Why can't I report botters anymore, and how can I stop or kill a botter?
    You can report botters! Just remember that you must do it using the report feature and not through Gamemasters, because they no longer exist. The following information will help you to stop a botter or kill the bot. Just remember, some bots may automatically 're-log', and you can try the same vulnerability again and again. Just be careful with getting skulls if you attack a botter on Open PVP worlds.

    At the moment, vulnerability 5 - Yellow Skulls - is the most valuable, as it allows you to kill the botter repeatedly without getting unjust kills after your first unjust kill of the botting character.

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