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Thread: Universal otclient bot [vb6]

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    Universal otclient bot [vb6]

    Hello, i'm developing an universal OTClient bot. Its free and all open source (vb6).
    Its just update classname and address (its using ShadowIllusion ot address as default).

    - Healing
    - Mana Trainer
    - Light Hack
    - Auto Utamo/ Hur
    - HP Alarm

    There are few bots available for those OTClient OTservers and they are all paid.

    Download Link:
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    Hello, you have magic wall timer for OTC? :O

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    Unfortunatelly no,
    For now it just uses write/read memmory address.
    Next steps: make battlelist structure, send message by codecave.

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    Nice, good luck. But don't you think VB6 is a bit of a dead and old language. Why don't you switch to C++? There so much resource on that can help you out. And trust me, C++ has so many cool things that will make your job easier, f.e calling a function or hooking it.

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