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Thread: How is Game Design Different from Graphic Design?

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    How is Game Design Different from Graphic Design?

    Graphic design and game design. Are you confused about what the two mean? Most importantly, you must be wondering which one is the correct career option for you.

    Graphic designers are important to the game design system, and often deemed as game designers. But, there are a few key differences between the two, and if you are planning to work in the industry then you must understand them.

    Differences between Game Design and Graphic Design

    - While the graphic design process is mainly involved in the deployment and development of a game, the game design process has a lot more to do with how the game feels, looks, and entertains the players.

    - A graphic designer is often consulted for stuff, like the way design elements are displayed. Also, it is related to create user interface design. Contrary to this, the game designer holds more involvement in the way the game is showcased and played.

    - Graphic design is related to print designs, like brochures, posters, business cards, and invitations. A game designer is responsible to build web apps, web layouts, and websites, and hence, it needs to have efficient wireframing skills. It is essential for the designer to be skilled with CSS and HTML so that they are aware of how their designs will perform on actual apps, websites, and products.

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