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Thread: [Help] Advices how to get BattleList creature offsets

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    [Help] Advices how to get BattleList creature offsets

    Ive already understand the battlelist structure for OTClient and made the code for VB6 (see my another topic). But it seems to work different on each otserver the way to find the offsets.

    My prior doubt now is how to get those BL offsets:
    - hp perc: easy OK. usually next to name size/lenght. 1 byte
    - direction: very easy, just rotate character and look for values changes (0-3)
    - creature ID: no ideia since I cant know for what value look for
    - posZ: its OK, just log with MC and go up/down floors. 1 byte. values changes to 255 if creature is out of screen
    - posX/Y: some ots is OK to find, but in Imperianic value are different than in the client map and values never go to 65355 when creature is out of vision.

    Doubt 2:
    What is the trick to get my character name? Its not a static place in the battlelist
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    Found that imperianic otclient pos X and Y are encrypted (xor).

    Also an important advice: there is "skull offset" (1 byte value)

    skull Types:
    No Skull -> 0
    Yellow Skull -> 1
    Green Skull -> 2
    White Skull -> 3
    Red Skull -> 4
    Black Skull -> 5
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    Now I understand how to get creature ID offset. Let me share what I learned:

    Range for Creature IDs:
    Player: 0x10000000 to 0x40000000;
    Monster: 0x40000000 to 0x80000000;
    Npc: 0x80000000 to 0xFFFFFFFF.

    - Its close to name offset
    - In decimal it has lenght of 9 numbers
    - You can search for your character in CheatEngine, display values in 4bytes decimal, will find something like "268xxxxxx"
    - With such information is the path to create "Player on Screen" alarm
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