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Thread: [HELP] OTClient BattleList

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    [HELP] OTClient BattleList


    I'm working on an open source Bot for OTClients. But most otservers uses OTCv8, Battlelist works different there. The old method (there is Ascer tutorial about it) is Hashtable, here is the visual example:

    Hash Table:

    PS.: You can check my VB6 battlelist function at my source.

    For those OTCv8, it uses more complicated structure: Binary Tree.

    I would appreciate if someone share the function or any knowleadge for battlelist in binary tree. If I make progress by myself it will be soon available.

    My bot's current thread:
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    Here is a cool tutorial someone wrote about Kasteria entity list.

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    This is visual representation of battlelist tree in OTCv8. Each node has 3 child, many repetitions and if you keep moving next layer you may reach an infiite loop. I dont know what are the parameters to make recursion/go next layer yet. Also this battlelist is dynamic.

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    Back to a dead end. Accidentally deleted my source and lost my progress in OTCv8 battlelist.

    Its known otcv8 battlelist uses Red-Black Binary tree. But there is something i'm missing

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