Tibet trekking is another way to visit Tibet as it provides a unique and closer encounter with the culture and spirituality of Tibet. On Tibetan Plateau, you will feel the charm of Tibetan Buddhism, explore its natural beauty, and get acquainted with the nomadic herders of Tibet as well as their traditional way of life. If you want, you can also extend your tour to the Himalayan mountain ranges for trekking and hiking, or do kora around the sacred mountains/lakes in Tibet to get spiritually inspired. Here we’re listing the 10 greatest trekking routes, hopefully, the treks below will assist you further with selecting your favorite Tibet hikes.

1.Mount Kailash Trek(3 Days) - Lifetime Pilgrimage Trek
2.Ganden-Samye Trek(4~5 Days)- Monasteries and Nomadic Camps
3.Tsurphu-to-Yangpachen Trek(3~4 Days) - Primitive Plateau Scenery
4.Shalu to Nartang Trek(3 Days) - Tibetan Buddhist Culture
5.Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trek(4 Days) - Snowy Mountains and Tibetan Villages
6.Kharta Valley Trek(10 Days) - Blooming Flowers Under Snowy Mountains
7.Gama Valley Trek(10~15 Days) - World's Most Beautiful Valley

Before you can trek in Tibet, you need to process several travel permits including those of the Tibet Entry Permit(also being called Tibet Visa), Alien Travel Permit, and Military Permit. Travelers are also required to hire a private vehicle, a driver, a guide and present an official itinerary. No one is exempted from these regulations. It is advisable that you avail of the service of a travel agency as your travel agency can arrange and take care of the basic requirements for your treks of Tibet. It is also advisable to get acquainted with your travel agency at least eight weeks prior to your date of travel to Tibet.